Why You Should Box

Imagine this, a tall person with long arms showing up to a new boxing class. Yes, this was me a few months ago. I felt like an awkward giraffe who had no idea what to do. In my mind, I thought I looked like Rocky Balboa though. I was a little bit embarrassed at first […]

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How Going Back to Church Saved Me

In our scientific, rational age, spiritual beliefs are often shrugged off as myth. Such as Christianity. When you say this word to people these days they often scrunch up their face or run the other direction. To be fair I turned into one of those people. So this blog is quite a personal journey of […]

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First Tattoo Tips

When it comes to tattoos, it’s something I’ve always been fascinated about. It brings so much character to a person, and over the years I’ve found it’s such a great conversation starter. I notice quite a few people asking questions about what they should get or where to even start. In this blog, I thought […]

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How to Avoid a Flatting Disaster

Moving into a flat can be an exciting time for any teenager. You finally get to have a slice of independence, have your own room, and begin your life of adulthood. When you meet your flatmates everything seems great at first and they seem so wonderful to live with. But soon enough you’ll realize there […]

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Twenty two

Well I’m now twenty two. There have been plenty of milestones and great memories. A few fashion disasters, and a mullet at some point in my childhood due to an accidental hair cut. Most of all in this post I wanted to share a few things I think are important. 1) Believe in yourself. You have to […]

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He’s Just Not That Into You

It’s a hot summer day and you buy your favourite flavour of ice cream. It sits proudly on top of the cone. You will care for those two delicious scoops. You won’t let any part of it go to waste. Your tongue dances around the sweet chocolate, making patterns as you go. Bam. One wrong […]

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Is it a just a word, a feeling, can you taste it or see it? I have always struggled with the word happiness. Some days it embraces me, and other days I wonder if it even exists. I guess I’ve never really sat down and asked myself if I’m happy. I had a think and came up […]

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Here are the top twelve resolutions I have found along with a few of my own. This way seems easier to focus on with one goal per month. I use the word goal because it reminds me of football. Once you complete it you can run around with your shirt over your head Kidding. Alas, […]

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