A writer is the sum of their experiences. Just pick up the pen. Laughter is the note of happiness. Barefoot on the beach. Dancing around a bonfire. A thorn stabs my foot. I remember looking at the rainbow inside each small bubble I created. Shouts, screams, and a bittersweet apology. That was when I knew […]

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What are you afraid of?

It’s 2am and you’re a mess. Something is hurting you deep inside if you can’t let go of that glass of wine. You pour yourself another and pretend your scars aren’t a part of who you are. Your smile may glitter the surface but your blood shot eyes tell another story. You wince and wrinkle […]

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Why do I write?

Like drawing from a water well, sometimes ideas need to be pulled up from a very deep place, perhaps an unconscious place before they can be realized. We must go back in time in our minds to remember the feel of something, the colour, and the taste. Only then can we allow the reader to […]

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Letter of Loss

Dear Grandad, I hope you can forgive me for this late letter. I wanted to write this to honour you, and your life to make sure you know I care.  Death is a topic people often avoid. Yet I have thought about it in the depths of darkness whilst lying in my bed. How strange […]

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He Likes Me He Likes Me Not

Ever wanted to know what on earth a guy is thinking? Sure there is guy “advice” splattered across the media in magazines. But I decided to ask a male friend my age a few questions that gets girls knickers in a twist. Ladies, if you are stuck in a pickle have no fear, all your […]

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Sleep. I cannot keep it. I cannot find it. I long to hold on. To experience the sweet sensation of a satisfying sleep. It is a shadow laughing, and taunting. Escaping my grasp relentlessly. Pillow. I turn it over, goose bumps latching on to me. The coldness is refreshing and reviving. I long for it […]

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