Anti-Social Network

No longer can people enjoy a day without technology in their hand or on their lap. No longer can people go to a concert and enjoy it without taking photos at the show. No longer can we enjoy a special moment without ruining it with a camera. No longer are we as intimate as we […]

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The end will be bitter sweet, the climax leading up to it will have you chewing your popcorn with your mouth wide open, bouncing kernels off of your tongue dropping kernels onto the floor. Although predictable, we are always left wanting more. The movies. Where the screen is like a television that has been zoomed […]

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Watch It

My cellphone is turned to silent, it stumbles on to the ground yet there is no time to retrieve it. The outside world can wait. I am in my own little cuccoon with the screen glaring at me. I do not want to move from my warm inviting bed, I don’t want to work or […]

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